Nemacolin Woodlands, Farmington, Pennsylvania

March 2018


We traveled to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa to celebrate my father's 61st birthday. We stayed in the main building called the Chateau de Lafayette. The building, inside and out, was absolutely gorgeous! The bathroom was about the size of our spare room. lol. We took selfies in the elevator mirror, listened to classical music in the room, and enjoyed a dinner at the steakhouse on the property. While our dinner wasn't our favorite steak we've ever had, nothing beats time spent with your favorite people in the world. The shenanigans continued after dinner when mudslides and Shirley temples were shared in the tea room while strangers played the piano (quite well actually). We all slept on clouds in the room and the next morning, we walked around the resort until we had to leave. Overall, it was another wonderful trip with the most wonderful people, and I'm so thankful to be able to experience such incredible things.